First Music Performance

First Music Performance

You know how you get that pit feeling in your stomach when doing an activity that is out of your realm of normalcy. Like when your friend takes you skydiving for the first time and pushes you out of the plane, or getting called to the front of the classroom to solve that math problem but you're not the best with fractions. This intensity of uncomfortability that builds up as you navigate these new circumstances. You feel your heart pounding rapidly as your scrambling trying to produce the best resolution. 

I too felt this same intensity as I stepped on stage for my first performance. My hands shaking and voice cracking as I introduced myself. All these faces I didn't recognize staring at me waiting to see what I'll do next. The anxiety was flowing through me so effortlessly, I felt like a deer in headlights. Muscling up the courage to finally start performing, I let go. Purely in the moment where I was true to what I knew and removed the projections of others thought, I gained confidence and allowed myself to do what felt right. 

By the end of my set, the crowds cheering was overwhelming. Sometimes you have to take that deep breath and leap with no regrets. 

This opportunity was an amazing experience. I dropped the link for those who couldn't be there in person.

Let me know how y'all think it went

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