About Us

Karey (kar-ree) is my nickname that I grew up with since birth. I'm an Atlanta native with the given name Jakarey that is making my mark within the world.

My brand is an outlet of self-expression where I pull inspiration from life experiences and personal interest to create. I have always loved fashion and music and saw how the two intertwine so well. Growing up with a Dad who was so well versed in both, sparked the fire in me to take it a step further. 

Now, a lot of people start brands for different reasons. I did it solely to demonstrate how kool I am. I love rocking krazy fits and from time to time I might spit a couple bars. What better way to encapsulate both entities than starting my own venture, where I have free range to grow and share my passions?

Karey is more than a couple tees, its a lifestyle. I want to show you real life, hell I'm letting you see my real life.

This is a Real Life Lifestyle Brand.