Cinema Digest - Offspring Movies

Cinema Digest - Offspring Movies


     March 2023 has presented audiences with two quality films that fall in to the subcategory I like to call “Offspring Films”. These films as suggested by the moniker are films that follows the bloodline of cemented characters of a film series. Creed III and Scream VI are box office leading blockbusters that embody all elements that pertain to creating captivating and successful Offspring films, by taking the “Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” approach between classic and new characters and adding their series specific touch to invoke nostalgia to the series core fans. Both films don’t push any novelty to the Offspring film subcategory but we fans don’t care as long as they stay nostalgic and fun.

     Creed and Scream’s entertainment values hinges on the theme of “Destiny”. While both Adonis Creed and Samantha Carpenter had no father and child dynamic or even memories with their legendary/infamous fathers (Apollo Creed, Billy Loomis), they are still motivated by the traumas of relational reputation. In the series Creed and Carpenter are met with inherited baggage that ultimately aligns them with their father’s legacy allowing them to fulfill their destiny. The theme of Destiny in Offspring films are generally executed in similar ways as Creed and Scream, creating a cheesy feel for the audience. Both series introduce illegitimate children of iconic characters, who have had little to no interaction with their iconic fathers’ but there is still a destiny to be fulfilled? That is hard to believe with so much detachment between the characters and their fathers’. But, as a fan invested in to the Rocky and Scream series it brings satisfaction to watch these legacy’s be reintroduced and give us the “original” feeling all in the name of “Destiny”.

     The use of Linking is a major selling point to the Offspring subcategory of film. Utilizing a costume, setting, or character to link original parts of the series to the newest film. These moments create the most memorable scenes and debatably the best scenes of the films. For example, SPOILER ALERT: In Scream VI when fighting off the Bailey family Samantha dons her father’s ghost face robe; this scene alone made this film worth the watch. Linking the film back to the first movie of the series was satisfying enough to rewatch over again. The same goes for Creed II when Adonis has to fight Viktor Drago. Any fan of Rocky IV made Creed II a must see.

     The Offspring subcategory of film will always be a reliable watch for film enthusiasts. They are movies that are safe, easy to watch and fun, being that they are attached to successful series, can link iconic characters to different characters and moments, and drive the theme of destiny. Majority of offspring films will not be  any thing novelty which makes it difficult for them to be considered classic films. Films like Candyman (2021) and Dr. Sleep execute Offspring elements well by reintroducing us to characters we know and following their unique journey’s to their ultimate destiny while using great setting links and flashbacks. Candyman (2021) reintroduces us to Anthony McCoy as the audience follows his journey to find information on Candyman. Through links built through the original Candyman (1992) the audience reconnect with iconic characters like Anthony’s mother Anne-Marie also events and settings like his kidnapping in the Cabrini-Green projects, to reach his ultimate destiny of becoming the next Candyman. Dr. Sleep reintroduces the audience to Danny Torrence of The Shining. The film links the audience back to the iconic Overlook Hotel where we get flashbacks of Danny as a child in the hotel that took his father’s spirit years ago. Danny fulfills his destiny in the end when he goes down with the hotel in flames. As well executed as the Offspring elements are in Candyman (2021) and Dr. Sleep are the films aren’t considered classics but they are top tier of the subcategory. With Scream VI’s Offspring elements they are as textbook as you can get; It makes for a very fun film and worth the multiple watch’s but won’t be considered a classic film. Creed III has step away from all Offspring elements to attempt to make a stand-alone film but it’s difficult to do when the very name of the series is linked to Rocky. Overall Creed III and Scream VI are very entertaining watches though Scream VI  will require the viewer to watch Scream I and Scream V at minimum.

Written by: The Great O

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