Musical Digest - The Singularity

Musical Digest - The Singularity

‘The Singularity’by keinoTM is a musical work with potential to be a classic. The 5-track EP channels elements of Soul and early Hip-Hop in it’s instrumentation; alongside keino’s spoken word-like bars, this project is tied together quite nicely.

One of the stand out tracks titled “Side Boob”, produced by Zukid almost gives you a sense of nostalgia with it’s familiar sample, which in turn really highlights keinoTM’s abstract flow. It seems as though Hip-Hop is alive and well; and with popular act’s like MAVI, Cities Aviv, and many others, keino is well on his way to making a name for himself.


Be sure to tap in to this musical greatness:



Written By: Nicatina

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