Creative Writing - Booneyville Part1

Creative Writing - Booneyville Part1

BooneyVille (Part 1)


“I can’t believe a motherfucker got to move again,” Ronny thought to himself as he packed up his room. Him and his mom, Sheila, are moving for the fourth time in two years after his mom filed bankruptcy. She always tells Ronny how it’s gonna be alright but Ronny not tryna hear that shit especially since they are moving to her boyfriend’s, Zack, old town. Shelia exclaimed to Ronny that this will be the last time they move and promised he’ll love the new house. “Come on slow pokes, time to hit the road,” Zack cried out as he finished putting the last couple of boxes in the van. Sheila and Ronny headed to the car but before they got in, Sheila told Ronny that everything will be alright and there is a bright future in this new town for the both of them. 

As the road trip began, Zack tried to make small talk with Ronny to grow their bond. “Wassup man, you ready to meet my folks and learn about how I grew up.” Ronny wasn’t too fond of Zack because he felt that he took some of the attention away from him when he came in the picture. “Where you from again, cause the longer the ride the more it’s starting to smell like piss and bitch nigga?” “Watch your mouth,” his mom said. Zack tried to laugh it off and started to tell Ronny a little about his town and childhood. “Snoutville is a town of about two hundred people and everybody knows everybody. The X Swamp is in everyone’s backyard and that’s where most of the kids play. Everyone is pretty much on the same schedule, we all work during the day, go to the market afterwards, and eat supper.” “Sounds like some cult shit to me,” Ronny said. After learning that this nigga lived close to a swamp in a cult town this nigga Ronny knew he had to get him and his mom out that jam. 

Zack had to stop one last time to fill up the tank before they made it to Snoutville, and once he went into the store Ronny tried to persuade his mom into leaving mans. “Yo ma, we got to get the fuck outta hear. This nigga is from a cult, you ain’t hear that bullshit he was talkin’.” His mom laughed and told Ronny to stop cussing. “That boy is not from no cult. People just live a little different outside the city. I think it would be nice to have a simpler life.” “This bitch is dick whipped,” Ronny thought to himself with a pondering face. “Fuck she talkin’ bout simplier life, bitch we ain’t had no money but to live a simply life. This motherfucker don’t get it together her ass gone be under some voodoo fuckin’ with these new people.” Then Ronny thought again. “Wait a minute, is this bitch already under some voodoo.” Assuming that his mom was trapped under some illusion he tried the only method he knew to release her from the spell. “Release!” Ronny shouted while gripping his mother’s shoulder. “Ronny you better release me before I release my foot in yo ass.” Ronny was in disbelief , not because his mom started yelling at him, but because he thought he could use Naruto methods to break voodoo magic. “Damn this a strong ass genjutsu,” Ronny thought. “Ronny if you don’t sit yo ass back and start being a little nicer to Zack, Imma throw yo ass in that swamp he was talkin’ bout.” At that moment, Ronny knew he was just gonna have to make an escape route when shit hit the fan. Zack finally got back in the car after filling up the tank and they headed off to Snoutville. 

It was morning time when they arrived. Snoutville reeked of maple and everyone’s day has just began. Sheila woke up Ronny so he could have a look at the new house. The house stood two stories tall, over three thousand square feet and was just enough room for three people. Zack was overjoyed to be back home and living in his grandparents old home. “Everything is just the way I remembered.” The house was fully furnished with four bedrooms and three and a half baths each room furnished with the elegance of Snoutville. Ronny was not impressed by the house but somehow content that he now would sleep in a bigger bed.

After they all got settled, Zack wanted to introduce his new family to his parents and the rest of the town. They headed off into the center of Snoutville where everyone worked. All businesses were stacked on top of each other; they made sure to occupy all the space with something productive. Most of the buildings had two stories just like the homes and each business complimented the other. Zack finally found his mom, Martha, and introduced her to Sheila and Ronny. “Is this the amazing woman I’ve heard so much about?”Sheila blushed as she embraced Martha with a warm hug and introduced her to Ronny. Ronny did not want to give the same greeting his mom gave to this old veiny lady. “I see you brought a handsome young man with you,” Martha said. Ronny was disgusted as Martha reached for his cheeks trying to pinch them. “If this old white lady don’t get her nasty ass hand out my face, Imma slap the fire out her ass,” Ronny thought to himself. Zack quickly pulled his mom’s hands back and asked about his father’s whereabouts. “Your father is at the market grabbing a couple things for supper, you guys should join us.” “We would love to!” Zack shouted; after we get settled we’ll be right over.

Later on that night they arrived for supper, the house smelt like garlic bread and spaghetti. Martha and Dave welcomed Zack, Sheila, and Ronny with open arms as they sat down and enjoyed a meal. “How are you liking you new home,” Martha asked. “Well we have only been able to set up things for a few hours, so we’re still getting use to it,” Sheila responded. “Hey Zack, since you came back maybe you can start working at the meat market with me again like old times, maybe bring Ronny along with you.” “I don’t know if Ronny really want to work in that old meat shop dad,” Zack responded. “These niggas weird, talkin’ bout meat markets, living in a fucking swamp, and ain’t nobody said anything about me and my mom being the only black people,” Ronny thought to himself. Ronny started to gaze around at the room and notice all these alligator figurines; Dave noticed his interest and proceeded with a conversation. “Gators, yep, that’s what keeps money in my pocket and food on the table.” Most people in the town love eating alligator and Dave’s meat market is the only shop that sells it. “Where do you find these alligators,” Sheila asked. “In the swamp, of course,” Dave responded. “This nigga Zack was talkin’ bout how kids play in that swamp and now his pops says thats where he find his cash bucket. What the fuck?” Ronny thought to himself. “Son you know Cluster Day is coming up.” “Dad, we just got here, I don’t think Ronny and Sheila want to be bothered with town events,” Zack responded. “What’s Cluster Day?”Sheila asked. Cluster Day is a celebration of the swamp and all the town’s people go down by the Pit of Sanctuary to rejoice. “That shit don’t sound right,” Ronny thought with a puzzled look on his face. “You have to go, it's amazing you guys would love it,” Dave said. As they discussed more about Cluster Day, Dave became more excited and Martha told him to calm down. “When is it?” Sheila asked. “It’s on the fifteenth, so about three weeks from now,” Dave responded. “By then we should be acclimated, sure why not,” Sheila said with uncertainty in her eyes. “Fantastic! Now we shall finish our night with apple pie and my homemade ice cream.” Martha said. As she went into the kitchen to fetch dessert, Dave started staring at Ronny and asked him if he would want to hunt for gators sometime next week. “Man, this nigga tweak man to the max if he think I’m bout to be alone with his ass all day,”Ronny thought, but before he could make any words out Sheila blurted out that would be a good idea and Zack would tag along. They finished their meals and Zack and his family went back to their home finished unpacking into their new home. 

TO BE CONTINUED...                  
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