Anime Originals Recap Winter 2023

Anime Originals Recap Winter 2023

Winter might have been chilly but there were a lot of fire anime to keep you warm. If you missed out on some of the best picks from this last season then look no farther because I gotchu. While I could go on and on about series that had continuations like Vinland Saga S2, Tokyo Revengers S2, or Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4 or Attack on Titan Part 30, this list is focused on originals that premiered last season. So let’s jump right in!

High Card


The story follows a boy named Finn, an orphan who gets by selling various things he pickpockets from people around town to support the orphanage he grew up in. One day he finds a playing card that he doesn’t realize a mysterious organization is after. Each card is part of a secret deck of 52 that grants superhuman powers and abilities. One night while pickpocketing he becomes embroiled in a conflict between the King of the land and a mafia family over possession of the cards. This leads him to join a team of people tasked with retrieving all the cards and the hunt begins. This was a really solid anime with a super unique power system that I highly recommend!

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Make sure you’ve eaten before watching this next one, because everytime I watch this anime, I get hungry. So I know y’all will too! Salaryman Tsuyoshi Mukouda is accidentally summoned as a hero in the magical Kingdom of Reijseger to help them defend against their enemies. The problem is he has an unconventional power “Online Supermarket” which is deemed a useless power so he leaves to embark on his own journey around the kingdom. His power allows him to cheaply buy food from Japan, his otherworldly meals lead him to be found by a mythical wolf Fenrir who joins him on the journey as foodie. This anime has a great cast and I found myself finding legit recipes to make at home.



 If you’re looking for another samurai anime in feudal Japan look no farther, Revengers follows Raizou Kurima a righteous samurai who was tricked into assassinating his own prospective father-in-law. Riddled with guilt and anger he swears vengeance on the lord who gave him misleading orders. Along the way he meets Yuuen Usui a self-proclaimed merchant-of-all-trades, who turns out is actually part of a group of assassins Revengers. Assassins for hire who seek justice on behalf of the wronged and complete revenge for them. Definitely worth checking out if you like good fight scenes and nice bit of comedy given the dark subject matter.

Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari

I love anything dealing with Japanese folklore or spirits. In this there is a group of people called Saenome who are tasked with dealing with tsukumogami, spirits that possess objects and are generally non violent. Sometimes though they pose a threat to society and must be sealed. The protagonist Hyouma Kunato has a deadly encounter with one such spirit which leads him to forgo using peaceful methods of sealing opting for maximum violence. Deeming this unacceptable for a future clan leader his grandfather proposes he lives with Botan Nagatsuki, a young woman whose entire family is composed of six tsukumogami or face excommunication. The story follows him as he tries to gain the trust of Botan and overcome his extreme hatred of tsukumogami to get along with her family and begin to understand there’s more to life than just hatred. 

The Ice Cool Guy and his Cool Female Colleague

The sweet slow burning romance in this is enough to keep anyone warm in the winter. Himuro is a kind man with an unfortunate ability, he’s the descendant of an ice woman so whenever he is in deep concentration, stressed, or flustered he involuntarily creates a blizzard around him. Due to this on the way to his first day of his job he meets Fuyutsuki who helps him break out of his nerve-induced ice. At the office she offers cool headed advice to Himuro and helps him deal with his blizzard induced issues. As they continue to interact the romance slowly blossoms and Himuro finds himself releasing blizzards every time he thinks of Fuyutski. Coupled with a cast of equally adorable characters, this slow romance centered around colleagues at work is bound to warm anyone's heart.  


Written By: Chillz

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